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40mm Drainage Gravel

40mm crushed gravel that can be used for drainage, behind retaining walls, and driveway entrances to building sites.

Recylced-Concrete-40mm-Drainage-Gravel-CapalabaWhat is 40mm Recycled concrete?

40mm Recycled concrete is crushed concrete sourced from demolition and building sites.  It has had the steel removed and is crushed and screened.  It is a cheaper alternative to gravel, whilst doing the same job.


What are it's uses?

40mm Recycled concrete can be used for many and varied jobs around the home or building site, such as:  Drainage, trenches, gravel pits, behind retaining wall and driveway entrances for building sites.


How do I calculate how much I need?

Measure the area you need to fill with 40mm Recycled concrete.  Say for example you are going to fill behind a retaining wall and the area is 20m long by 0.5m wide and 1m deep.  The calculation would be:

Formula:  Length (m) x Width (m) x Depth (m) = m3

20 x 0.5 x 1 = 10

That means that you require 10m3 of 40mm Recycled Concrete for behind this retaining wall.

Click here to Calculate Volume


Anything else to consider?

One thing we would suggest if using gravel or recycled concrete behind a retaining wall is to aslo use a product call Geotextile Fabric.  It is a porus fabric similar to a thick felt.  You use it to seperate the gravel or recycled concrete behind the retaining wall and the soil.  It stops the soil mixing with your drainage material while still allowing water to penetrate and escape.  You should also use Ag. Pipe to help the water get away more quickly to one point rather than seeping through your wall at many different intervals.  There is a very simple drawing below of an example of how to use Recycled concrete, Ag. pipe and Geotextile fabric behind a retaining wall.  However, this is only an example and professional help should always be sought.