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20mm Blue Crush Gravel

20mm crushed gravel that is blue in colour and can be used for drainage, paths, driveways or gardens.


10mm Blue crush gravel is a very versatile product as it can be used for both drainage and deorative purposes.  It is blue in colour, so contrasts well with lighter coloured pavers or bricks and is very unifrom in size.


What are it's uses?

20mm Blue crush gravel can be used for many landscaping jobs around the home, such as:  Drainage pits and trenches, garden beds, in the tops of pots, paths, even fish tanks.  You are really only limited by your imagination!


How do I calculate how much I need?


Measure the area you need to cover or the trench you need to fill with 20mm Blue crush gravel.  Say for example, you are going to fill a trench and the trench is 15m long by 0.4m wide by 200mm deep.  The calculation would be:

Formula:  Length (m) x Width (m) x Depth (m) = m3

15 x 0.4 x 0.200 = 1.2

That means that you require 1.2m3 of 20mm Blue crush for this trench.

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Anything else to consider?


One thing we would suggest is to put weedmat underneath your stones or gravel, especially if you are using them for a path.  As well as preventing unwanted grass or weeds form growing into your stones or gravel, it provides a barrier between the gravel and the soil beneath.  Withour the application of weedmat, over time, the stones are pressed into the soil beneath, making the path muddy and unattractive.  This would then require all of the stones to be relaid.


We suggest weedmat and not plastic as a barrier,  as weedmat allows water to penetrate to the ground below.


We would also recommend that you edge the area containing the stones or gravel.  Depending on the situation, this will prevent soil or grass contaminating your newly beautified area.