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Fill Soil (Unscreened)

Unprocessed soil good for any general filling applications.

Fill-Soil-Unscreened-Back-Landscape-CapalabaWhat is Unscreened Fill Soil?

Unprocessed soil good for any general filling applications.  We purchase this from local pool builders when they digging pools for their customers.  This means that although it is sourced locally it is never consistant.  Sometimes it is quite sandy and at other times it may contain some clay or small rocks.

What are it's uses?

Unprocessed soil good for back filling retaining walls, creating contour banks and any general filling applications.


How do I calculate how much I need?

Measure the area you need to fill with Unscreend Fill Soil.  Say for example, you are going to build up an area of your yard and the area is 10m long by 5m wide by 200mm deep.  The calculation would be:

Formula:  Length (m) x Width (m) x Depth (m) = m3

10 x 5 x 0.200 = 10

That means that you require 10m3 Unscreened Fill Soil for this area.

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