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Medium Washed River Sand

Medium washed river sand is gold in colour and is often called 'Gold Coast Sand' or sharp sand. It can be used for bedding pavers, bedding tiles (bathroom, laundry) and around pipes.

Medium-Sand-Bedding-Tile-Landscape-CapalabaWhat is Medium Washed River Sand?

Medium washed river sand is a medium to coarse sand sourced from the Gold Coast.

What are it's uses?

Medium washed river sand can be used for bedding pavers or tiles.  It is a product that is very easy to screed (level) ensuring you get the perfect finish.  It can also be used for around pipes in trenches.

How do I calculate how much I need?

Measure the area you need to fill with sand.  Say for example, you are going to lay some pavers and the area you are going to pave is 6m long by 5m wide and you need to fill the area to a depth of 100mm.  The calculation would be:

Formula:  Length (m) x Width (m) x Depth (m) = m3

6 x 5 x 0.100 = 3

This means that you require 3m3 of medium washed river sand to fill the area you are going to pave.

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