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Brickies Loam

Brickies Loam is a sand and loam mix made specifically for laying bricks. Many people also use it for bedding under above ground pools.

Brickies-Loam-Mud-Mortar-Mix-Capalaba-LandscapeWhat is Brickies Loam?

Brickies loam is a mix of a very fine washed sand and a more loamy (clay) sand made specifically for bricklaying.  This product is used by many local bricklayers as it is a fabulous mix that sticks or adheres to the bricks.


What are it's uses?

Our Brickies loam is primarily used for the laying of bricks and concrete blocks.  It is mixed with cement and water to a consistency of cake batter.  A plasticiser and lime can also be added to make the mix more creamy, workable, more pliable and last longer before setting.  It can also be used for the jointing between paved garden edging for a more professional finish.

Many people use it for the base beneath above ground swimming pools due to the very fine nature of the sand.  You can achieve a good flat, firm base that can be molded and shaped and will not cut into the pool liner.


How do I calculate how much I need?

Obviously it will depend on the job, how thick the mortar joints are and how much you waste, but  generally, if you mix the mortar at a rate of 4:1 will require approxiamately 1m3 per 1200 bricks or 70 concrete blocks.  If laying bricks or blocks is not something you are familiar with it is always advised that you seek professional help.

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