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Sands & Concrete Blends

Prices listed below are per cubic metre.

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Fill Sand

Fill sand is unwashed sand ideal for back filling retained walls and filling around underground pipes.

$ 60.00

Fine Washed River Sand

Fine washed river sand is silver/grey in colour and can be used for bedding, rendering, sweeping between paving and sand pits.

$ 77.00

Plaster Sand

Refined washed sand used by plasterers for rendering purposes. It can also be used for pool coping or under pools and pond liners.

$ 80.00

Brickies Loam

Brickies Loam is a sand and loam mix made specifically for laying bricks. Many people also use it for bedding under above ground pools.

$ 85.00

Colonial Brickies

Colonial Brickies is a sand and loam mix made specifically for laying bricks similar to Brickies Loam but offers customers a different colour.

$ 85.00

Medium Washed River Sand

Medium washed river sand is gold in colour and is often called 'Gold Coast Sand' or sharp sand. It can be used for bedding pavers, bedding tiles (bathroom, laundry) and around pipes.

$ 90.00

Concrete Blend 10mm

A blend of fine washed river sand and 10mm drainage gravel. All you have to do is add cement and water.

$ 97.00

White Sand

Sand white in colour that is used for white mortar and can also be used for kid's sandpits.

$ 125.00