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Mulch and Compost

Prices listed below are per cubic metre.

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Forest Mulch

A cheaper mulching alternative that may suit for large areas that need to be covered on a budget.

$ 22.00

Mulch Fines

Mulch Fines are a blend of bark, chip and mulch that is finely ground. Mulch fines are dark in colour and will break down quickly into the soil.

$ 50.00

Cypress Chip

A beautiful fragrant Cypress product with medium pieces of Cypress timber chips approx 1" in size mixed with parts of the Cypress bark. Ideal in any garden and great for those slightly more budget ...

$ 65.00

Pine Bark

This popular bark is suitable for indoor or outdoor landscape environments. It has a light texture and a natural reddish brown tan colour. Suits large domestic to small to medium sized commercial ...

$ 72.00

Tea Tree Mulch

Tea Tree Mulch comes from the tea tree. It has a pleasant bush fragrance and binds well together. It is fibrous dark mulch which will give your garden a natural look.

$ 77.00

Hoop Pine 2 Inch

2 Inch Hoop Pine Bark has a curly, strong dark brown appearance and is known for its ability to cling to sloping terrain. It is also long lasting, has a high resistance to wind, retains moisture and ...

$ 82.00

Cypress Mulch

Cypress Mulch is a mix of the bark and the chip from the Cypress Pine Tree. This mulch is a blend of reddish brown appearance with small light golden pieces of chip.

$ 85.00

Red Cypress Mulch

This a high quality ground and coloured mulch product different to the coloured woodchip products available. It has a finer texture and longer lasting colour holding properties due to the ...

$ 95.00